Sparkling white wine particularly suitable for fish dishes.

4 Dicembre

4 Dicembre

Vino rosso da uve stramature. Ideale per i fine pasto con dolci al piatto, anche elaborati, a base di piccoli frutti, panna, gelato fiordilatte, o crema chantilly.



Red wine suitable for demanding plates based on roasted or stewed red meats, bushmeats, seasoned meat and pit cheeses.



Red wine suitable for main plates of red meats roasted or bushmeats and fresh or medium aged cheeses.

Sangiovese Forlì

Full-bodied wine, suitable for Italian appetizers, traditional Romagna first plates or fresh cheeses.

Trebbiano Forlì

Trebbiano Forlì

Full-bodied wine, particularly suitable to first plates of the Romagna tradition.

Nora Albana secco


Romagna albana DOCG dry. Ideal for seafood appetizers and also interesting when combined with raw food.

Sangiovese Superiore


Sangiovese Superiore DOC suitable for demanding plates such as oven-baked first entrees, salt-crusted meat, bushmeat, cheeses and ripened meats.


White wine ideal for first plates base on fish or combined with the first traditional dishes.

Tallìa, Albana dolce


White sweet wine ideal for homemade traditional desserts.

Albana Passito

 Tallìa Passito

Passito di Albana DOCG. Ideal after meals with homemade desserts. Also in combination with honey, jams and long maturated cheeses. Wine suitable for meditation.